✨ Abracadabra ✨

Automated refactorings for VS Code, in JavaScript and TypeScript.
Makes your VS Code smarter.
It's magic.

Key Features


Abracadabra understands
where your cursor is.

You don't need to select precisely the variable you want to extract. Press the shortcut and see the magic happens!


You don't have to memorize
all the refactorings.

Abracadabra will propose you the relevant refactorings as Quick Fixes. Simply follow the lightbulb!


Proposed refactorings are common ones in JS and TS projects.

You'll find them useful, regardless you're working with React, Vue.js, Node.js or plain Vanilla!

Examples of refactorings

Extract variable

Give a meaning to hardcoded constants and low-level expressions. Make your source code easier to read and maintain.

⌥ ⌘ V / Ctrl + Alt + V

Inline variable

Replace a redundant usage of a variable with its initializer. Handles destructured variables and functions.

⌥ ⌘ N / Ctrl + Alt + N

Flip If/Else

Flips the if and else statements. Can be useful to simplify logical expressions.

Available through Quick Fixes 💡

Convert If/Else to Ternary

Converts an if/else statement into a (shorter) ternary expression. Handy to improve code readability.

Available through Quick Fixes 💡

Convert to Template Literal

Converts old JS code into modern syntax. Also useful to turn a string into a template string.

Available through Quick Fixes 💡

And 20+ more…

Treat your code with care

Give it a try. Easy-to-use refactorings will help you clean code safely and understand what's going on.

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